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Icons: July - September

here [20 icons]
here [50 icons, 3 banners]
here [10 icons]
here [25 icons]

[if you're not watching immernochhier, feel free to join now and check out mine and mariesen's graphics! :) I will keep making these updates, though, I think.]
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new icon community!

A couple of weeks ago, mariesen and I decided to post our icons together to our new community immernochhier. This community will remain open (forever) but I probably won't be making any new posts :) So if you'd like to stay up2date with my graphics, make sure to join and watch the new community! I might make monthly update posts here - we'll see :)

Posts so far...

HERE [60 icons, 1 banner, 1 wallpaper]
HERE [100 icons, 1 banner]
HERE [icon battle : thilia vs mariesen]

join & watch for updates!